The Rancho Texas Park is home to skunks, racoons, prairie dogs, armadillos plus a farmyard of the world’s smallest animals. Venture into the indian village and medicine caves and see a host of reptiles. Kids ride a canoe as you explore the singing birds and flowing waterfalls. Don’t miss the all day shows with sea lions, parrots and birds of prey, you’ll get close to some of the stars!

Have a fun-filled evening at Rancho Texas Park and discover a Texan fantasy together with all your family. You will welcomed by cowboys and Indians on horseback. You’ll get to ride together with them in a horse and cart and then be welcomed into the saloon by our friendly saloon girls. Sit back and enjoy our famous barbecue buffet with beer, sangria and soft drinks.

Seven hours.
Country night admission: four hours.
Start or opening time
At 10am.
Night show: at 7pm.
End or closing time
At 5pm.
Night show: at 11pm.

Adultos Niños (2 - 14) Infantes (0 - 1)
General Entrance
30.00 €
22.00 €
0.00 €